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butterflyanimationThings to do!

This Month…

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  1. Bing Rewards
  2. Evernotes
  3. Gdrive
  4. pinterest boards and pins
  5. Desktops and devices
  6. DevSpoTs


Nokia Developer & WindowsPhone Networks! Check Out tutorials and Developer Communites!
Learn about SDK downloads and Design or/and Developer Oppurtunities.

Make the most of the Web & Windows!

Discover all possible Channels for Now Tv Box (sky) Streaming, Sign-ups & Connections!








Just Found…

Welcome to ONLYOFFICEOnlineEditors

We are proud to present the first HTML5Canvas-based online document editors.
ONLYOFFICEOnlineEditorscan be easily integrated into your website or cloud application via API provided. Thus you get a chance to provide users with the most advanced online document editors for text docs, spreadsheets and presentations.
Why ONLYOFFICE beats all the existing online processors?
  • In the eye of users: it combines the formatting quality of MSOffice & online collaboration of GoogleDocs (real-time co-editing and commenting).
  • In the eye of tech enthusiasts: it’s built with the use of HTML5 element, Canvas.
Click hereto see the video comparison with Googleand Office365 document editors.
old finds? still relavant? = ^^
Source: Windows Web App Gallery – Gallery






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.^^ ToDoS! = > Make links from and 2s?!  nokialumialt-469 


Collect loyalty points at Maximiles and get free rewards and discount  vouchers

Soure: Collect loyalty points at Maximiles and get free rewards and discount vouchers


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