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Browse the best TES Teach digital lessons to teach math, science, social studies, English, art, world languages, professional development, and more.

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Encourage secondary pupils to see the value in target setting with these hand-picked evaluation tools and activities

Source: Target setting for secondary students | TES

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Some users to follow



The best users to follow will depend on what your interests are – you may, for example, want to follow a teacher whose resources you appreciate and teaches the same subject or age group.

Some popular users include:

  • TES Primary – this is the official TES account for those teaching 4 to 11-year-olds, featuring a mix or news and resources
  • TES New Teachers – this provides updates specially for student teachers and those new to the profession.
  • Mike Gershon – a secondary school teacher who creates practical guides on a range of whole-school topics
  • Tom Bennett – our behaviour guru
  • Amber Adams – primary teacher, who creates resources on many different subjects including writing, maths and computing.
  • Paul Urry – deputy headteacher, who regularly creates example test questions for SATs tests
  • Mael Matthews – a head of art and design, who creates plentiful material for art lessons at GCSE and A-level
  • Pauline Willougby – a primary music specialist, whose original songs will get your whole class singing along
  • Katie-Lu Robinson – a science teacher with a background in human biology, currently teaching KS3-4 science and BTEC forensics

Let us know of other popular contributors we should add to this list.


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