Explore & Discover…

TheMoNTHLY!finalpink                                                                      Places and spaces... 2016!




                           Google sites.                      MyDrives!

QuickViEWs & ToDoS!

Earning and  Learning Options… 4 Free!

   Topcashback.com & Alison.com. Maximiles points! Inboxpounds.com free clickable emails!

Learning web development & design basics. Video Tutorials and online communities & Networks! About Devices & Connections plus File & Folder Types + Info. Computer science, App Discoveries and Learn to code. HTML CSS + PHP to begin

Spare parts? Read manuals and create snippits from PDFs & webpages.     FiND…           AdobeReader & Desktop Accessories.                       MoBiLES!

Use Lumia Camera Apps to create, CuSToMs  

Notes & Reminder SliDes. Office.com and DiscoVery projects.     Shortcuts & Computers             Exploring & Discovering…

 Windows, Frames and ViEWs.

 +The Internet.                                        Places & Spaces...

                  TM.s! and TheBoARD!s

HBs! HomeBrews. Wii Hacking & soft Mod guides! Lifehacks.com

WinDows VisTa & Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 + Nokia Lumia!

ford_mustang-wallpaper-10456307(1) YouTube.com


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